Don’t ruin wonderful Midsomer Norton station

I had to look twice at the date of the latest issue of Heritage Railway (No. 250 – congratulations), as I thought the article on page 35, about Midsomer Norton must have been an April Fool.

 As anyone who has been to this station knows, it is a classic small town station, complete with goods shed and stable block.

Together with the station building, these three elements are unique relics of the original Somerset & Dorset, Bath Extension of 1874.

Restored Midsomer Norton station: a Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway main line time capsule not to be spoiled. ROBIN JONES

They have a dynamic relationship and tell the story of the supply of goods by rail to a small town in the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

Photographs exist of both horse-drawn and early lorry deliveries from the goods yard showing how important this station was to Midsomer Norton.

The Great Western station on the other side of town did not have such all-encompassing facilities.

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