Glasgow Central’s ‘ghost platform’to become heritage museum

A FORGOTTEN platform beneath Glasgow Central station may be developed into a railway heritage museum – complete with a steam train parked on a stretch of relaid track.

The platform, which closed 55 years ago, dates from the opening of the station’s low-level section in 1896, when it operated as a separate entity to Glasgow Central, which was opened by the Caledonian Railway in 1879.

When the entire complex was redeveloped between 1901-5, the low-level platforms were incorporated into the main station.

The derelict platform of Glasgow Central low-level station pictured on July 28, 2017. READING TOM/CREATIVE COMMONS

The subterranean lines were part of an urban railway running through a tunnel beneath the city centre. However, the low-level station closed under Beeching in October 1964, but the other platforms were restored as a single-island platform when the popular electrified cross-city Argyle line reopened in 1979.

However, the still-derelict platform remains out of sight of the travelling public.

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