Bogies purchase boosts project tore-create UK’s first main line diesel

By Andrew Hoseason

THE Ivatt Diesel Recreation Society – which is re-creating the first UK main line diesel locomotive, LMS No. 10000 – has taken a major step forward in the ground-breaking project, with the purchase of a suitable set of bogies.

The bogies have been bought from the EM2 Locomotive Society, following a successful fundraising campaign among charity members and supporters.

The society obtained the EM2 bogies on December 31. They previously ran under Nederlandse Spoorwegen No. 1503, formerly BR Class 77 No. 27004 Juno which operated on the Woodhead Route, and were originally obtained by the EM2 Locomotive Society as spares for its No. 27000.

LMS No. 10000 at St Pancras in 1948. Because of postwar austerity, the newly-Nationalised British Railways could not afford to follow the lead of other countries like the USA and embark on a full-scale programme of modernisation at that time. Accordingly, Robert Riddles, the Member of the Railway Executive for Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, opted to build a new series of 12 Standard steam locomotive classes until the time was right for dieselisation and electrification. ENGLISH ELECTRIC

LMS Nos. 10000 and 10001 were the first main line diesel locomotives built in the UK. They were built in association with English Electric at Derby Works, using an English Electric 1600hp diesel engine, generator and electrics.

Following Nationalisation they became Class D16/1, and they were initially operated primarily on main line express passenger services on former LMS lines, both in single and in multiple.

In 1953, they were transferred to the Southern Region for comparison with Bulleid’s Class D16/2 diesels.

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