Wightwick Hall displayed after 40-year restoration

WR 4-6-0 No. 6989 Wightwick Hall was rolled out into the sunshine for the first time after being fully lined out in readiness for its debut in Buckinghamshire Railway Centre
traffic next year.

The occasion was a special memorial event, Dennis Brynley Howells Celebration of Life, on Friday, October 26, at a tribute to the late owner of WR 0-6-0PT No. 9466 (see pages 22-23), which was steamed on the day.

Recently lined-out WR Modified Hall No. 6989 Wightwick Hall at the Dennis Brynley Howells Celebration of Life memorial event at Quainton Road. PHIL MARSH

Wightwick Hall was outshopped from Swindon works in March 1948 and was first allocated to Hereford. It was the penultimate steam locomotive to be ordered by the GWR before Nationalisation.

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