Votes for women – stop a tram!

On July 19, 1908, a votes for women rally was held in Manchester’s Heaton Park.

Present was Manchester-born Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst, the political activist who led the British suffragette movement

She stopped a tram to highlight the issue, and a photograph was taken as a record of the protest.

The modern-day Heaton Park Tramway Company re-created this tram protest on the exact spot of the actual track, and with an almost identical tram, in conjunction with the women’s Enjoy Arts group, on July 22, nearly 100 years to the day.

The Heaton Park Suffrage event on July 22. HEATON PARK TRAMWAY COMPANY

Tramway company chairman Keith Whitmore said: “We are delighted that we have been able to participate in the centenary of women’s rights.

“We were especially pleased with the spirit in which the public entered into the event by following the protest march from the lakeside in the park to the depot for the re-enactment, following which protest songs new and old were sung.

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