Battle is Highley successful!

Words and pictures by John Titlow

Many railways have 1940s weekends, but how many re-enact a full blown battle along the lineside?

The Severn Valley Railway held its popular 1940s event over the weekends of June 30-July 1 and July 7-8.

One of the highlights was a battle that took place around 1.30pm on the four days where Highley was transformed into deepest war-torn France.

Sandbags guard the strategic Kidderminster Town station.

The event was set around June 6 in France immediately after the D-Day landings, where a fortified military train loaded with stolen art and valuables was on its way to Nazi Germany. Spies had discovered the train’s route and a plan was forged to ambush it.

After the 1.08pm service train departed for Bridgnorth, events started with detonators being placed on the line.

Two German soldiers patrolling the line were quickly dealt with, then the camouflaged train left the siding heading towards Kidderminster.

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