In praise of Chinese railway museum

Thanks to the magazine and Paul Stratford for the article and pictures of the China Railway Museum. How gratifying it is to see the Chinese are taking their heritage seriously with this impressive museum.

I visited China on an organised tour in 1988 and visited a ‘museum’ at Shenyang, next to Su Jia Tun depot, which consisted of a fenced compound containing 12 engines, some of which had been given some cosmetic restoration, but all were open to the elements.

I wonder if they are still there or whether some made it to the Chaoyang collection.

Of the individual engines mentioned in the feature, I saw two. On November 16, 1988, QJ 2-10-2 No. 101 (without deflectors) was at Su Jia Tun depot. Three days later, the first QJ, No. 0001, was seen in the semi-roundhouse at Jilin.

Chris Cobb, Dunnington, York.

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