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Two passenger trains are seen at Statfold terminus with the train on the left headed by Sragi No. 1, (Krauss, Munich, No. 4045 of 1899), and Sragi No. 14 (Orenstein & Koppel No. 10750 of 1923) and the one on the right by Trangkil No. 4 (Hunslet No. 3902 of 1971) and Howard (Hunslet No. 1842 of 1936).

The private Statfold Barn Railway is a unique haven of international narrow gauge steam. Mark Smithers outlines the development of this multi-gauge railway and delves into the history of its stock which includes the last locomotive built in the UK steam age.

Despite not being a public railway in the accepted sense, and normally only being accessible to the enthusiast on three special days of the year, the Statfold Barn Railway has become one of the wonders of the narrow gauge world, in spite of having been in existence for less than two decades.

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The story of the railway goes back to the late 1990s when a continuous circuit of 2ft gauge track was laid around the ornamental lake at Graham and Carol Lee’s Statfold Barn Farm, near Tamworth, straddling the border between Staffordshire and Warwickshire.

This line was completed during the early years of the present century and is complemented by a fine brick-built locomotive shed incorporating cast iron window frames of authentic pattern and a stone bearing the date 1896.

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