Two listed historical items pulled from railwayana sale

The late withdrawal of items from railwayana auctions is not unusual, as illustrated by the recent decision to pull an original Flying Scotsman nameplate from a Bonhams’ sale in central London.

That decision followed a campaign by one of the LNER Pacific’s former owners, Sir William McAlpine, to remove it from the sale in the hope that it would be bought by the NRM and reunited with the locomotive rather than be bought by a private collector.

In the event his hopes were unfulfilled, and it is understood the nameplate has been returned by Bonhams to the vendor.

Not all items withdrawn from railwayana auctions, however, are of such historical interest or attract the attention of as high a profile enthusiast as Sir William.

Some are much more mundane, as in the case of two items taken out of the sale on June 19 of the Furniss collection – ironically, an auction held at Sir William’s estate near Henley-on-Thames.

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