Delisted Cornish footbridge may relocate to Bala Lake


ST AUSTELL’S historic GWR station footbridge may make a 330-mile journey to a new home on the Bala Lake Railway.

The footbridge may be re-erected at the 2ft gauge line’s western terminus of Llanuwchllyn.

While St Austell residents have lost their battle to keep the wooden footbridge in situ in their town, Network Rail has been looking to donate it to the heritage line.

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The 1882-built wooden footbridge at St Austell has lost its listed building protection and may now find a new life at Llanuwchllyn on the Bala Lake Railway, the trackbed of which was once standard gauge. TIM GREEN/CREATIVE COMMONS

BLR general manager ,David Jones, said: “We may or may not be receiving the redundant footbridge from St Austell. It depends on a number of issues, not least of which is whether it could be readily modified to fit at Llanuwchllyn. It is currently a little too long.

“We are aware of the local opposition to its removal and particularly its re-siting outside of Cornwall. If it is removed by Network Rail we are prepared to give it a good home here rather than see it scrapped, but if a better proposal is made that means it can remain in Cornwall we would not wish to stand in the way of this.

“We ultimately want to add a footbridge at Llanuwchllyn that would facilitate bringing the second platform into use at a future date. Another potential candidate has been identified should the plan to relocate the St Austell footbridge not come to fruition.

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“We also think it would make a good vantage point for photographers at the west end of Llanuwchllyn.”

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