Cornwall’s Truthall Halt reappears from the past

THE Helston Railway is making rapid progress in rebuilding Truthall Halt.

Original GWR plans were used to make the necessary components for the traditional pagoda-style station, which has been built from new and replicates the original.

The Helston Railway’s new Truthall Halt. HELSTON RAILWAY

Truthall Halt was opened on July 3, 1905, 1¾ miles north of Helston. The halt was the first stop out of Helston and served the village of Trannack and also Truthall Manor.

The platform has been rebuilt to its original two-coach length by the heritage line as a second station, with as many original features as possible

Carn View Commercials lifted the body and roof of the station building into position on the platform.

On March 16 last year, the line’s first train of the season was able to stop at Truthall Halt and passengers were able to disembark. It was the first time in 54 years trains were able to stop there since the closure to passengers in 1962.

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