Gwili Railway launches appeal for new carriage shed

THE newly extended Gwili Railway has launched a £150,000 national appeal to build a shed for its heritage carriages.

In 2003 the heritage line obtained planning permission for a two-road carriage shed at Abergwili Junction. This shed is capable of holding the equivalent of four Mk.1 carriages on each road.

An artist’s impression of the proposed £300,000 carriage shed. GR

As previously reported, the extension reached its target of Abergwili Junction in 2017, and so the next stage is to build the shed.

A spokesman said: “This appeal is for a project which combines practicality with preservation, an ideal balance of objectives to move the railway forward. Like many heritage lines, the Gwili Railway makes use of the standard BR Mk.1 carriages.

“Keeping these carriages in working condition in the open is a difficult task. A storage facility is badly needed to protect them from the worst of the Welsh weather.

“Some of these carriages have been in service on the Gwili Railway longer than with their previous owner. To allow them to continue to operate they need protecting from the elements.”

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