Incentive-backed nationwide Bala Town appeal launched

THE Bala Lake Railway has launched a nationwide incentive-backed appeal to fund its £2.5 million extension into Bala’s town centre.

As reported last month, the 2ft gauge railway now needs to acquire only another 80 yards to secure the trackbed needed to lay the extension into a prime town centre location.

An artist’s impression of the planned new Bala terminus. BLR

The proposed route will take the railway across the River Dee on the existing B4403 road bridge and then on a new trackbed to the planned Bala Town station. The extension and station will bring huge economic benefits to Bala, revitalising the town and the railway.

The line’s Red Dragon Appeal has been launched to help raise funds for the construction of the extension. The appeal operates in two ways, by general donations or on a subscription basis.

In return for a regular monthly donation, subscribers will receive a range of benefits as a ‘thank you’ for supporting the line’s vision.

The benefits are accrued as donations are made, but participants may choose to make the full subscription amount as a one-off payment.

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