New G5 now needs its motion

A £90,000 appeal has been launched to manufacture the motion for new-build NER G5 0-4-4T No. 1759.

The Class G5 Locomotive Company Limited is building the locomotive on the same site as the old BR wagon works in Shildon and hopes to run it not only on heritage lines but the main line, too.

A 3D CAD model of the G5 valve gear. DAVID ELLIOTT

Progress to date includes the erection of frames, the UK-built boiler received, the cab erected, smokebox manufactured, leading wheelset delivered, bogie completed, tyres and wheels for trailing wheelset delivered, Westinghouse pump delivered, mechanical lubricators, injectors and safety valves delivered, and most recently, the crank axle is currently in production.

The next stage in building No. 1759 is the motion. Under the banner of The Motion Fund, a club has been launched to fund its design, manufacture and fitting of the motion.

The club is seeking 150 people to contribute £600 each, to raise the £90,000 needed to complete the motion.

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