Could trains return to Hunstanton to beat notorious road traffic queues?

A REVIVALIST group has been formed to campaign for the restoration of the King’s Lynn
to Hunstanton branch.

However, the King’s Lynn to Hunstanton Railway Steering Group wants to see it rebuilt as a fully fledged part of the national network, not a heritage line.

This short piece of track marks the site of Hunstanton station, which was demolished following closure in 1969. ROBIN JONES

Campaigners point to the infamous traffic queues on the A149 between the two towns, which are particularly bad on summer weekends, as a primary reason for rebuilding the line.

The branch was closed in 1969. Much of the trackbed remains intact, although buildings have encroached on the formation in several places.

More than 1300 people have signed a petition to reopen the line.

A statement from the group said: “The trackbed once again has protected status and the steering group has started looking at various alternative routes that avoid sections where construction blocks the original line.

“The steering group has identified a start and end point plus various route options. A railway line between King’s Lynn and Hunstanton is definitely possible.”

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