Your gallery: Ambling around Quorn


We’re big fans of these photographs from Andy Hurst, taken at the end of January around Quorn.

Class 27 52322 trundles back to Loughborough Station passing 73156 in holding sidings. 27.01 2024
Std class 5 and Std class 4, 73156 and 75069 storm towards Quorn having just emerged from Woodthorpe bridge,GCR 27.01.2024
Std class 2 78018 and 78019 catch the winter sunlight heading to Quorn. 27.01.2024.
9F 92214 eases a mixed freight towards Quorn having just emerged from Kinchley Lane bridge.GCR 27.01.2024
52322 ambles towards Quorn with an engineers train. GCR 27.01.2024

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