Amberley Museum to showcase industrial trains collection


Last year’s industrial trains event at Amberley Museum. Pete Edgeler

Amberley Museum will host its annual Autumn Industrial Trains Day on Sunday (October 15).

There will be lots for visitors to see and do, from riding on industrial passenger trains, including the Wickham petrol railcar, to watching the Road Machines contractor’s monorail system in action.

The Industrial Railway Collection at Amberley Museum, West Sussex, has become one of the most important collections of industrial railway equipment in the UK. The history of the collection actually goes back further than even the initial concept of the museum at Amberley with the formation of the Brockham collection and acquisitions by the Narrow Gauge Railway Society during the 1950s and 1960s.

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The Brockham collection included two 2ft gauge steam locomotives, Polar Bear and Peter, both at that time in varying states of disrepair. Restoration of both was subsequently completed at Amberley. Peter will be in steam over throughout the day and visitors can enjoy a ride behind this magnificent 105-year-old locomotive. Polar Bear was taken out of service on October 29 last year with the expiry of its 10-year boiler certificate and now needs a complete mechanical and boiler overhaul, including retubing and restudding of the boiler and a new main steam pipe.

Book in advance at, where you can also find out more about supporting Polar Bear‘s overhaul.

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