Ffos-y-fran Welsh Steam Coal mining extension appeal


An appeal to extend mining of specialist steam raising coal at Ffos-y-fran will be submitted to the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff.

The appeal will be submitted by Monday 26th June 2023, Hargreaves Coal Trading have confirmed, prior to the deadline of mining operations notice received from Merthyr Tydfil BC of the last week in July 2023.

Despite the refusal by their planning committee, the final decision on the extension will be made by the Welsh Assembly. Once submitted, production at Ffos continues until the Appeal will be heard, which would likely be some months ‘down the line’

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Mine owners Merthyr (South Wales) Ltd have requested support on a local, national or political level in highlighting the need for high grade steaming coal, suggesting writing or lobbying their MP’s or MEP’s, or any other positive testimonial support available for the continuation of mining Ffos-y-fran low smoke emission Welsh Steam Coal.

Hargreaves are in dialogue with HRA regarding testimonial letters from members across the UK on the benefits of using Ffos low smoke emission steaming coal, and have emphasised the much lower carbon footprint and reduced chance of lineside grass fires as examples.

According to Hargreaves, the other option of bringing in coal from outside the UK burns heavy fuel oil and produces far more higher volatile smoke emissions in to the atmosphere.

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