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Bluebell approves DEMU and Class 73 to join growing diesel fleet; Talyllyn Railway general manager announces February departure; and Duke of Kent retraces grandfather’s footsteps at STEAM. You don’t want to miss issue 301 of Heritage Railway magazine.

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Headline News

257 Squadron to take up permanent residence at Spa Valley and tornado’s boiler returns to Darlington in time for Christmas.

Folkestone Harbour steam: The last years

Don Benn looks back in words and pictures at the charter trains that ran over the Folkestone Harbour branch during its final two decades of operation.

Great Central’s Last Hurrah as ‘Windcutters’ turn

In early 1992, a proposal was mooted to preserve a lengthy train of mineral wagons on the Great Central Railway. Thirty years on, the rake is a highlight of the GCR freight operations, taking centre stage at the railway’s Last Hurrah Gala over the weekend of November 19/20.

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Gateway to the South West

Exeter was the meeting place where two rival railway cultures – the GWR main line to Penzance and the LSWR’s ‘Withered Arm’ to North Devon and North Cornwall – came together. David Mitchell’s new book, Exeter Railways, unfolds in detail the fascinating history of the city’s railways right up to the present day.

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