Bread & Water for Africa UK urgently appeal for £50k in five days to help save the charity


Bread & Water for Africa UK must raise £50k in five days to keep their work going. Without it, the charity will have no choice but to close its doors within the week.

Bread & Water for Africa UK CEO, Ruby Glasspool said: “Like many charities, our goal for the last eighteen months has been to survive the financial setbacks imposed by the pandemic and to give our all to raise funds for our project partners in Africa.

“Despite the difficulties, the achievements have been incredible, exceeded our expectations and will improve the lives of our communities for generations to come.

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“Now tragically, Covid-19 has forced us into a desperate funding shortage and we need urgent help. We are raising funds to cover the core costs of keeping the charity open for one more year, so that we can continue fundraising for Africa and so that we can find long term partnerships that will enable us to keep going for many more years.

“Without keeping going, all funding to Africa will cease immediately and there will be no UK team actively fundraising on their behalf.”

Why donate to Bread & Water for Africa UK?

Without Bread & Water for Africa UK, there will be no way to raise, govern and manage the flow of funds to the children and families we support in Africa. They are doing all they can to avoid leaving their amazing African projects without the funds they need to feed, care for and school local children.

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Ruby continues: “Bread & Water for Africa UK has been in operation for 18 years, and achieves huge things with a tiny budget and a tiny team so you can rest assured your donation will make a massive difference!

“As a charity run by only THREE WOMEN, working from home using our own laptops and paying our own bills, we do not waste a penny on overhead costs. Supporting our project partners is our only aim and as a result, we achieve a huge amount for very little.

“In the last 18 years, we have sent well over one million pounds to Africa for start-up projects that have gone on to become 100% self-sufficient.

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“Together with our supporters, we have been fighting poverty, relieving hunger and increasing access to healthcare and education in some of the world’s poorest countries.”

In partnership with their African community projects, they have:

  • Put 6,851 children through school
  • Provided at least two million meals to starving African children
  • Trained 2,350 adults new skills to support employment and self sustainable livelihoods
  • Provided a home for 2,400 orphaned, abandoned or street children
  • Given 730,950 people access to healthcare

….and so much more!

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Project leader John, in Sierra Leone, tells you exactly how much the charity’s support means to the children he cares for. Please rest assured that if they do not hit the £50k target needed to keep the charity afloat, Bread & Water for Africa UK will instead donate every penny raised to the children under John’s care.

Ruby finishes: “As CEO of Bread & Water for Africa UK, and a friend to our project leaders, it breaks my heart to send this appeal. So, once again, please help us raise the urgent funds we need to survive and spread our appeal as far and wide as you can to friends, colleagues, businesses, and the world!

“By helping us to achieve our challenge of raising 50k in 5 days, you not only would be part of our record fundraising appeal but actually save our charity and save our lifeline to Africa for years to come. We cannot do this without you.”

Click here to go to the Bread & Water for Africa UK GoFundMe page to help the charity reach its goal!

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