Class G5 Locomotive Company update on brake appeal

The Class G5 Locomotive Company have raised two-thirds of the money to buy the brake components as part of the Put The Brakes On appeal.

The team have taken delivery of the main brake shaft, brake shaft hangers, brake rods and turn buckles, but now hope to raise an additional £6,000 to complete the appeal.

Design and construction update

The crossheads bodies have been delivered: these look truly stunning in real life and have proven to be a great attraction for those who have visited our workshop. These were purchased with the funds from the Cash for Crossheads appeal.

They still need a lot of work such as white metalling, placement of the cotter pin and welding of the oil boxes before we can say they are complete! 

We have placed the order for the rear sandboxes and expect these to be delivered before Christmas. 

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